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Be Brave. Be Strong.


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Suffering and tragedy are a part of life. But what we do with what life throws at us makes all the difference to our outcome. Some people shrink back or fall apart when difficulties arise, we must determine in the midst of adversity, in the midst of darkness and depression to keep going forward no matter how difficult it is. To remain constant and courageous when life’s storms are throwing you to & fro you must stay focussed on the promises of God. In my darkest hour, battling thoughts of suicide every minute of every day, I determined to focus on just one truth in God’s word. Even today as I write in this blog I have been meditating on the same scripture all morning (having a battle of the mind kinda day), it is written in the book of Philipians 4:7 “And the peace of God,  which transcends all understanding,  will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (NIV) In fact I claim this truth every morning… it doesn’t say the peace of God maybe will guard your heart and mind no-no- no… His peace WILL guard your heart and mind – believe it today!

When your overwhelmed ‘keep your mind occupied with God’s Word and other good thoughts. You defeat bad thoughts by thinking of something better. This is the principle of replacement. You overcome evil with good’ – Rick Warren (Romans 12:21).

Afterthought; when you step out to fulfil your God-given destiny, your enemy, the devil, will not send you a congratulations card… but do not worry ‘greater is He that is in you’ X

Author: beautifulcourageousyou

About me hmmm... Happily married with two children, also the mum of three little ones in Heaven; twin girls and a baby boy. What matters most to me in life; Faith, Family & Fun! By God's Grace I have overcome extreme depression. As I share my journey with you I pray you will be inspired to live a life with vision and purpose, my passion is to offer hope to women young and old. I want to shout across the globe to every woman on the planet "you are Beautiful, you are Courageous" and you are outrageously loved!!

4 thoughts on “Be Brave. Be Strong.

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  2. This blog is a great encouragement to me, thank you so much ! I am just turning 57 in Oct and for the past 9 years I have walked in an especially “tight place”. When I was 21 and then 40 years of age I lost 2 babies to miscarriage … the last one being an ectopic pregnancy and I very nearly died. My marriage was also shaky at that time so there was little chance for grieving with my husband as we were on different levels at that time and I suffered from Post Natal depression for a few years. In the meantime I had 2 children, a boy, the eldest and a girl. Then 9 years ago at age 27 my beautiful boy had a motor bike accident and was killed instantly. That blew our world apart, and my precious daughter was the one who had to identify his body and she hasnt been the same really since. None of us have. Three months after Andrew’s funeral my husband of 30 years decided he needed to leave and divorce me and that was absolutely devastating, even though it had been on the cards. So he left and in 9 mths I had lost my husband, my only son and my house and business and was left standing with a few belongings and having to start again at 48 years of age. The test of my faith started in earnest, I was holding on by a hairs breadth. At the same time, my only brother, elder to me, was dying of cancer, I didnt know what to deal with first. My daughter then started to distance herself from me and to this day, still is. The pain has been unbearable at times and there was a time or two when I seriously wanted to go home to heaven, but as a missionary I have to stay focused on what God has for my life and where He needs me to be. Long story short, I have struggled many times with depression and hopelessness and fear and loneliness, but to this point, God has been very faithful to me and put many many good people around me who all in different ways have been a source of healing and help. I still have my “struggling” days, but I have to keep my eyes fixed on the One who alone has my life in His hands and pray that my life in all its brokenness can somehow glorify Him ! I give thanks for your life and struggles and the shared journey of grief that I can relate to and as you state, losing a child no matter how small is something one never really gets over. We learn to live with hope for the day when we will once again be re-united with our precious children.
    Bless you, my love !

    • Dear Heather. Thank you for your comment and courage to share in such depth. You are a brave and powerful woman of God, I believe the days of struggle for you are coming to an end. Winter has passed & Springtime is here for you Heather. The Lord is redeeming all that which has been stolen, breakthrough is yours my beautiful friend. Your life testimony bears witness to the goodness of God and He will use your dark time to bring hope to the hopeless, light to the dark, love to the unloveable and life to the lifeless I declare this upon you in the name of Jesus. Keep in touch, much love Lauralee xx

  3. Thank you Lauralee, your words are an encouragement to my soul ….. after the rain comes the rainbow ! All I know from my experience and the experience of my parents and my Grandmother (all with the Lord now) that God is a faithful God ! Our pain is never wasted and the word of God tells that He keeps all our tears …. how precious ! Love and blessings xx

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