Beautiful, Courageous You

You are a Gift to the World!


YOU are a gift to a lost & hurting world x

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Be kind to yourself

I love this quote and I wanted to share with all of you today!

Did you know you are a gift?  You are a gift that everyone dreams of getting!  Treat yourself and others with respect and reverence!

I am going to treat every person I meet today like a special Christmas gift!  I will see the good in others and I hope that you do the same!

Have a beautiful day and I thank you for following my blog! 🙂

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Author: beautifulcourageousyou

About me hmmm... Happily married with two children, also the mum of three little ones in Heaven; twin girls and a baby boy. What matters most to me in life; Faith, Family & Fun! By God's Grace I have overcome extreme depression. As I share my journey with you I pray you will be inspired to live a life with vision and purpose, my passion is to offer hope to women young and old. I want to shout across the globe to every woman on the planet "you are Beautiful, you are Courageous" and you are outrageously loved!!

2 thoughts on “You are a Gift to the World!

  1. YOU are a gift to the world yourself my sweet friend. Thank you for all your encouragement toward me and others. I’ve nominated you for the Shauny Award and you can find out more about it on my site. This one’s an easy one and you’re are very deserving of it.

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