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A Captured Heart


Follow your dreams

God wants to heal you from depression, anxiety, shame, addiction and whatever else holds you captive, He wants you to dream again, dream big! You were created  for purpose, to have a vision for your life that captures your heart and imagination, something so big that you become purpose-driven.

For this to happen you must first confront your captors, those past hurts, habits, unforgiveness and all else holding you captive, must be dealt with before you can launch out into a new life of complete freedom and joy, ready to dream again, to truly live again!. Doing this requires courage, plenty of it!

Author Bob Gass writes: “On the heels of every dream there’s a demon of doubt. No sooner is your dream conceived than your mind is suddenly filled with all the reasons why it may not work…” Your inner dialogue may go something like this:, receiving prayer ‘doesn’t really work’, going to a counselor ‘may be a waste of time’, I have been this way for so long now I doubt anything will ever change… this is ‘just the way I am’… “ and there will be folks around you who’ll be quick to confirm those fears. In spite of that, you must forge ahead and dream; otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your life fulfilling the dreams of others”.

It is time to stand firm and declare you will not stay this way, break free from the shackles of fear, God has more for you than you have been settling for. ‘Rise up; this matter is in your hands… take courage and do it.” Ezra 10:4

Author: beautifulcourageousyou

About me hmmm... Happily married with two children, also the mum of three little ones in Heaven; twin girls and a baby boy. What matters most to me in life; Faith, Family & Fun! By God's Grace I have overcome extreme depression. As I share my journey with you I pray you will be inspired to live a life with vision and purpose, my passion is to offer hope to women young and old. I want to shout across the globe to every woman on the planet "you are Beautiful, you are Courageous" and you are outrageously loved!!

5 thoughts on “A Captured Heart

  1. Proverbs 29:18 states that without a vision the people perish. Vision and focus are the keys along with having a passion for your vision.

  2. Reblogged this on thinklikegodthinks and commented:
    It is interesting reading on one hand and sadness on the other hand that discovery of purpose has become difficult and mysterious. I also struggled for some time …15 years from the POS …point of salvation.
    However, these are my conclusions:
    • There are 4 vital manifestations of the Spirit that happened at POS, without these there was no rebirth. (a) The instantaneous works of the Holy Spirit in bringing us into Christ, (b) Developing the ability to hear God, (b) Discovery of purpose as a matter of necessity for the new life (c) Recognition of the love of God that was shed abroad the heart of the believer to replace our carnal ability to love (d) Laying the foundation for a life in the spirit.

    • While I hope to discuss these points, I will only be brief on the issue of purpose.

    Jeremiah 1:4 sums it up.
    Purpose is a spiritual statement
    Purpose is fixed throughout the life of the believer on earth
    Purpose, spiritually carried out, determines the believer’s eternal rewards and the extent of the believer’s social impact.
    Purpose is different from Vision…which is a future expectation as described by Habbakuk in Hab 2:2-4. Vision is a variable.
    Purpose is not transferable from parent to children as covenant is.
    Purpose as a spiritual statement must be hashed out in dialogue with God within the 1st year of salvation because this was the very reason for creation and salvation. It is now to drive the rest of the believer’s life, bible study, plans, decisions and choices.
    Take Luke 5:1-4 Peter, James, Andrew and John discovered purpose…the Lord told them… You are not created to be fishermen but to be fishers of men. Notice the change from a life driven by the value of the world system to one driven by eternal life values.
    The Purpose Statement for these guys…”God has called us to bring Jews into the Kingdom” They left the boats, the fish and the nets.

    Paul ….Purpose Statement….Acts 9:15… God has called me to bring the Gentiles into the Kingdom.
    Jesus ….John 1:29 … Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.
    Virgin Mary…The womb that bears the Saviour of the world…Luke 1:31

    May I say that purpose is not a bible statement but rhema obtained from God, or from other sources that are used by God such as Angels, Spiritual Mentors (Elijah/Elisha). Spiritual Parents (Abraham), recognised Prophets and so on.
    But bible verses can support purpose statement obtained by revelation.
    This brings us to the next point that by reason of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, at rebirth, the young Christian should be taught how to hear God speak. It should not be guesswork. A young baby by the age of 2years hears the parents, no matter how difficult the language. The Holy Spirit as our Parent is instrumental in teaching us how to hear God speak and by this discover purpose in dialogue with God or as outlined above.

    Once purpose is discovered, the next step is to commence a migration programme from the life driven by the world to one driven by eternal life. Again when you explore the lives of the believers itemised above this was what happened. The Apostles probably migrated within 3-6 months, Paul within a week, Abraham immediately, Mary immediately and so on.
    His migration Prog should not be more than 5 years for any serious Christian.

    Unfortunately, we are taught to integrate our carnal life into a religious life…just bring all the baggage into the kingdom..which kingdom? This is why we are making a mess of our Christian life.

    We are members of Christ as long as we are under the full control of the Holy Spirit. John 3:5. Whenever we behave carnally, we revert to the mindset and lifestyle of an unbeliever. Rom 8:5-7 1 Cor 2:14

    So we live most of the time outside of the purpose of God.

    In conclusion,
    1. Do you have a purpose statement
    2. Do you hear God speak and engage Him in dialogue
    3. Have you migrated into the Kingdom and how?
    4. Are you a man/woman of the spirit….full of the Holy Ghost, full of Faith and full of integrity….Acts 6:3-5, Acts 11:22-24
    It takes a man/woman of the spirit to be full under the control of the Holy Spirit Eph 5:18 ….these are the purpose driven believers!

    Discussion continues …..

    • Thank you for your comment. My purpose in life is to bring Glory to God in all that I do… whether that be changing a diaper or writing about His goodness in these blogs. In my experience, while going through a deep depression the discovery of purpose WAS difficult and mysterious. Many, many days I would wake up too tired to breathe let alone believe that my life had purpose. Personally, for me to survive suicidal depression it did not require more scriptures and teaching (although invaluable) I simply needed to know and believe that God loves me and He won’t give up on me… that my purpose first and foremost was/is to Be Loved and then Be Love. I choose to keep it simple and ‘be as a little child’ when it comes to matters of faith. Bless you.

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