Beautiful, Courageous You

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Be the first to join the Beauty and Courage Network! Pull up a chair and join in our online community of women and girls that come together to uplift, inspire and encourage one another. Visit:

The agenda here is community, a gathering rich in vibrant enthusiasm and joy, offering hope to the hopeless and bringing  light into dark places. Please feel inspired to share your stories of inspiration and overcoming life’s obstacles, hints and tips on health and healing Body, Soul and Spirit!

Stories in this community are shared so as to usher in healing and hope to the reader, it is my hearts desire that this becomes a place where women and girls can visit to feel uplifted. Please honour this space by keeping all writing positive and hope filled. If  you don’t feel inspired to write, perhaps as a visitor to this community, it is a season for you to enjoy being inspired by others stories and images… but be sure to share your tough stuff with close friends, family or a qualified health professional.

Watch this space for updates and BEAUTIFUL GIVEAWAYS… all Beauty and Courage Network visitors are invited to share images that inspire beauty or courage within you, place your images on your own social media and the BCY Instagram or Facebook and tag with #beautifulcourageousyou for a chance to win… Colours of Hope merchandise, Essential Oil Candles and of course a signed copy of “Beautiful, Courageous You”  also it’s fun to share beautiful images that simply inspire others with what inspires you! X

Author: beautifulcourageousyou

About me hmmm... Happily married with two children, also the mum of three little ones in Heaven; twin girls and a baby boy. What matters most to me in life; Faith, Family & Fun! By God's Grace I have overcome extreme depression. As I share my journey with you I pray you will be inspired to live a life with vision and purpose, my passion is to offer hope to women young and old. I want to shout across the globe to every woman on the planet "you are Beautiful, you are Courageous" and you are outrageously loved!!

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