Beautiful, Courageous You

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Beautiful, Courageous You – New Zealand

Beautiful Courageous You are in New Zealand! We would love to invite you to come and join us for a special one day event that’s all about YOU :-). View more information and book your tickets here: Beauty and Courage NZ


Take a day out to stop…….have a day full of fun, be inspired, create and be empowered to be ‘Beautiful Courageous You’

In this busy world we live in it’s important for us, as women, to know how to incorporate physical, mental, spiritual and, emotional wellness into our every day lives. This enables us to live a life full of hope and be empowered and encouraged to pursue our passions and dreams.

Inspired by Lauralee Berrill’s new book, “Beautiful Courageous You”, the event is intended to bring hope to women in all walks of life. To support your fearlessness through her powerful story of overcoming sickness, the loss of her three children and depression.

There will be several sessions and fun workshops throughout the day where professional female artists, nutritionists and specialised consultants will speak and share practical tools that you can use to live a full, happy & healthy life.

The day will commence at 9am

Morning sessions – “Beautiful Courageous You”
Guest speakers:
Lauralee Berrill will start the day by sharing some of her powerful story and practical tools she has learnt from her journey.
Froyle Neideck – In 2014 Froyle established Colours of Hope in response to her own breakthrough, in order to inspire hope and unlock creativity. Froyle is a contemporary artist and exhibits internationally.

A delicious lunch is provided – catered by Two Spoons – Food & Espresso Bar
After lunch there will be three workshops, each an hour long so you get to participate in each one.

Workshop 1: ‘Body Soul and Spirit’ – this session will cover nutrition Anna Hansen – Love Food, wellbeing and exercise tips

‘Colour your life’ – Creative Workshops
Workshop 2: ‘Colours of Hope
You will explore your creative self through various mixed media techniques, using art and creative expression to help you realise your full potential. No experience is necessary. You will be guided by Froyle as you create a beautiful artwork to take home. Froyle will make and supply hand picked beautiful mixed media and collage papers for you to use. (All art materials are provided in the ticket price)

This hands workshop will be co-ordinated by NZ born artist Froyle Neideck –

Workshop 3: ‘Expression of Joy and Hope’
This is a hands on fun time where you get to create something beautiful. Creativity releases stress and gives us joy.

Helping others – the purchase of your ticket will also be helping others

Proceeds from this event will go to support:
* Scarfs on assignment – beautiful, soft, richly coloured scarfs, created from original paintings, saturated with love and prayer which are sent free to to inspire hope and healing to those who are suffering from any type of illness or just need to know they are loved and matter. This is a revolution to inspire hope through colour and beauty in the face of global despair – making a difference in the world one person at a time.

* Beautiful Courageous You – your contribution will allow us to give away a book when needed, enabling it to grow wings and fly into the hearts of every woman and young girl that need a lift up out of despair and into the heights of joy unspeakable.

Cost $79 – Includes a delicious lunch and all creative materials

Register online here or Direct credit

Direct Credit $79.00 into Beautiful Courageous You
12-3046-0414931-02 – Reference: put your name and a contact number

We look forward to meeting you all
Treena , Lauralee and Froyle

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Beautiful Giveaways! Join the Beauty & Courage Network!

Be the first to join the Beauty and Courage Network! Pull up a chair and join in our online community of women and girls that come together to uplift, inspire and encourage one another. Visit:

The agenda here is community, a gathering rich in vibrant enthusiasm and joy, offering hope to the hopeless and bringing  light into dark places. Please feel inspired to share your stories of inspiration and overcoming life’s obstacles, hints and tips on health and healing Body, Soul and Spirit!

Stories in this community are shared so as to usher in healing and hope to the reader, it is my hearts desire that this becomes a place where women and girls can visit to feel uplifted. Please honour this space by keeping all writing positive and hope filled. If  you don’t feel inspired to write, perhaps as a visitor to this community, it is a season for you to enjoy being inspired by others stories and images… but be sure to share your tough stuff with close friends, family or a qualified health professional.

Watch this space for updates and BEAUTIFUL GIVEAWAYS… all Beauty and Courage Network visitors are invited to share images that inspire beauty or courage within you, place your images on your own social media and the BCY Instagram or Facebook and tag with #beautifulcourageousyou for a chance to win… Colours of Hope merchandise, Essential Oil Candles and of course a signed copy of “Beautiful, Courageous You”  also it’s fun to share beautiful images that simply inspire others with what inspires you! X