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A Wonderful Book Review!


Illustration by Jose Lake 🙂

I read a really encouraging and inspiring book this week by Australian author Lauralee Berrill. Lauralee shares her journey from the depths of depression to the Divine discovery of freedom through the love and healing power of Jesus. The book is written in an authentic, raw format that draws the reader in to walk closely with the author.
There were definitely tears on my part as I ‘witnessed’ the incredible pain and trauma Lauralee walked through when she lost three of her own sweet babes, experiencing the despair naturally becoming of such agony. As she rose to victory over depression, stress and anxiety, my heart rejoiced with her every step of the way.
In her book, Beautiful Courageous YOU, Lauralee shares a wholistic approach to overcoming depression through nourishing our mind, body & spirit. Her views are perfectly approachable, easy to understand and void of formulas and strict theories which tend to discourage rather than inspire toward action.

If you love reading books written straight from the heart, LOADED with hope yet spiced with reality, you’ll certainly take well to this fantastic book. If you’re a woman struggling with depression/stress/anxiety or know someone who is, I can highly recommend this book!
Thank you @beautifulcourageousyou for sharing your heart for the Glory of our King and the healing of His people! 🌸 Contact @beautifulcourageousyou to grab a copy of a life-giving book – Jose

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Is it Faith or Mere Carnal Confidence?

“Fair-weather faith is no faith” – Charles Spurgeon


Refiner’s Fire – Image credit:

A Snippet from my book Beautiful, Courageous You on the topic of faith under fire…

Faith in God is easy when life rolls by from blessing to blessing; however, faith is not faith unless it holds up under great trials. Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “Remember we have no more faith at any time than when we have in the hour of trial. All that will not bear to be tested is mere carnal confidence. Fair-weather faith is no faith” (Spurgeon). The months and years that lay ahead were to be a test of our faith. We were about to experience the furnace of affliction. We would step into the refiner’s fire and prove our trust in the unchanging, purifying love of God…

You can read more on the refining of faith through trials in Beautiful, Courageous You – Healing Body, Soul and Spirit soon to be released by Westbow Press. Pre-order your copy here xx