Beautiful, Courageous You


Chia – Strength

Don’t be fooled by the size of these little seeds! They pack a powerful nutritional punch 👊. Chia seeds are
loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain. I add two tablespoons of these little black and white gems to a green smoothie every morning for an added boost of fibre, protein and omega 3s 👌#beautifulcourageousyou #eatyourselfhappy#brainhealth #eatclean #chiameansstrength


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Doubt your Doubts

Doubt is like a prison holding you back from all you were created to do and be and, in my experience, fear is the captor. Start the new week by doubting your doubts and believe your beliefs👍#beautifulcourageousyou #doubthasnoplacehere#itsamindgame #fearisaliar image credit @christianwomeninbusiness


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Revised Edition – Foreword by Wayne Jacobsen author of He Loves Me, and Co-author of The Shack.

Beautiful, Courageous You revised edition will be released late February 2017 with a new retail price of $19.95 aud. Order your copy today!

Foreword by Wayne Jacobsen author of He Loves Me, and Co-author of The Shack.

“It is a compelling story, honestly and warmly told, that will encourage and enlighten anyone who has traversed the unendurable.”- Wayne Jacobsen

What the experts are saying:

You will go on an amazing journey with Lauralee as she shares her testimony. You will cry and rejoice with her and you will find ‘golden keys’ to help you in your own journey. The book outline in easy simple truths on ways to live a life of freedom encompassing all aspects of our body, spirit and soul. – Lyn Baird (Master in Counseling & Clinical Director of Life Bridge Counseling & Psychology)

Through a personal journey of depression comes Lauralee’s own courageous story of healing for the spirit, soul and body. Straight from the heart of the Father, Beautiful, Courageous You has a mandate to tell every woman who they are, that God is captivated by their beauty and through Him they have courage to face whatever crosses their life’s journey. – Janelle Knox, Mici Magazine

Beautiful, Courageous YOU is a true account of one woman’s experience of heartbreaking despair, grief and deep depression. This beautiful book will appeal to women who are suffering from depression or anxiety, and would like practical strategies to overcome adversity. Lauralee shares her knowledge and personal experience on nutrition, exercise, natural remedies, medicine, self-care, support, and the Word of God. The content is gentle, non-judgmental and written with love.   – Lisa Lindley, Psychologist

As a counsellor working with many who come in for help with depression, I have just found a valuable resource to assist them bust out of the darkness that overwhelms them – “Beautiful Courageous You”. Many clients struggle with the ‘how to’ of breaking out from depression. This book gives insight into how to take those first small steps out of despair and turn towards hope. A brilliant easy to read text with hope language filling every page! – Michelle

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Peace with no Understanding


“Comparing your suffering to my suffering is not where Hope is. Hope is in the name of God, Hope is when you compare your suffering to the infinite, immeasurable love of God.”   Nick Vujicic

My relationship with God was bittersweet while I was pregnant with my last child, I was bitter at Him that my son had died in the womb and then grateful for having been blessed with another baby. I was confused. As the months went by my anger subsided and I decided to pursue peace with God, where else is there to go? I reasoned.

Peace was afar and elusive. Like a beautiful butterfly settling to rest on an outstretched hand; it stays for but a moment then takes flight again. Peace would settle over me just like that butterfly, just for a moment, and then elude me at the slightest upset. Then I would be left questioning, “Where is God in this then?”

Upon reflection of my past experience with fleeting peace, I have come to realise that if I want to have peace that surpasses understanding, I must not seek to understand; I must be content to live with questions and trust that there will be a day when it will all make sense.Until then may I encourage you to relentlessly pursue peace with what ‘is’… life with all of the ups and downs. x