Beautiful, Courageous You

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A Journey of Healing in an Etsy Store!

Beautiful, Courageous You Collective is finally up and running on Etsy!

What is it? A collective of handcrafted perfume oils, candles and scarfs… all created with healing in mind. Every product has been prayed upon, blessed and loaded with love and faith to usher in healing for the recipient!

Throughout my book Beautiful, Courageous You – a journey on healing from depression, I write about the benefits of aromatherapy plus a plethora of other very practical steps you can take towards your healing. It is from this standpoint that I have, by popular request, created an essential oil perfume using a blend of the oils that I personally used to assist in recovery from anxiety & depression. You can read more here on aromatherapy for a happy mind. Meanwhile pop in to the Etsy store x

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Aromatherapy for a Happy Heart and Mind

Our sense of smell is the only sense that is hard wired straight to the brain.

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Personally, I have found aromatherapy to be an easy and effective tool for when I need an emotional lift; most nights it is prayer and a drop of Lavender oil on my pillow to induce a deep peaceful sleep. During my journey through depression I had a spritzer (an essential oil blend with a base of water) of Lavender, Bergamot and Rose Geranium (all indicated to relieve nervous tension, anxiety, stress and insomnia,) which I would use every morning, and some days every hour. Closing my eyes I would spray the beautiful blend across my face, breathing deeply and feeling the almost instant calming effects of the aromas.

Most days when I am at home I will use a blend of cinnamon and citrus in an oil burner to create a “feels like a home” nurturing environment… a bit like when cookies are baking in the oven! Ever wonder why an aroma, like home baking, can bring a sense of security and warmth? There is a science behind how our sense of smell is linked so closely to our emotions. Our sense of smell is the only sense that is hard wired straight to the brain. When the nose identifies an aroma it travels up the nasal cavity where millions of olfactory sensors are located. Via the olfactory bulb, the aroma is sent directly to the centre of the brain, to the limbic system, the part of our brain that governs our emotions. When the aroma is processed, neurochemicals are released, causing an emotional or physical response (relaxing, stimulating, sedative etc.) Our brains’ interpretation of the aroma will determine the reaction. So go ahead and anoint yourself with some essential oils 🙂 Today mine is Geranium oil behind my ears… helping to balance those hormones before my husband get home!

You can read more on the link between aromatherapy and wellbeing in my book Beautiful, Courageous You – Healing Body, Soul and Spirit soon to be released by Westbow Press. Pre-order your copy here xx